3 Supplements For Your Diet Detox


detox diet

There are over 100 chemicals that each person is exposed to each and every day. This exposure happens through a number of things: cleaning, touching, breathing, even eating. Our world has great technological advances, but with these things as an unfortunate by-product. Learning how to decrease exposure and detoxify the whole body is vital means of maintaining your health in the world today. While there are many approaches to do exactly that, perhaps the easiest and most sustainable is a detox diet, with the addition of supplements to support your body and safely aid the process.

Milk Thistle

Many detox diets focus on removing toxins from vital organs in the body, particularly the liver. The liver is tasked with multiple functions, including removing toxic chemicals from the body (like alcohol). Though it works hard to do this job, with the demand for detox so high, it simply can’t always keep up. Milk thistle is a supplement that can help take a bit of the stress off the liver, and help it remove toxins more efficiently. It helps to produce intracellular antioxidants like glutathione and superoxide dismutase, which are responsible for part of the detoxification process. Make sure you read all of the labels on supplements before purchasing, so you know you’re getting exactly what you want- and nothing you don’t.


Unlike milk thistle, selenium is a trace mineral that plays a big role in immune function as well as detoxification. It bonds to heavy metals, like mercury, and pulls them from the bloodstream, where they are made into a compound that is then flushed entirely from the body. The effects of selenium deficiency have also been strongly associated with health issues like autoimmune and thyroid problems, so it could be a useful supplement to work into your routine, even when off your detox diet.

Activated Charcoal

Like selenium, activated charcoal helps to remove toxins from the body, but in a much different way. Activated charcoal adsorbs, rather than absorbs, which means it binds to the toxins as a molecular level, making it impossible for escape. These toxins are then expelled through waste. Studies have shown that activated charcoal can decrease the body’s toxic load by over 60% when used on a daily basis.

The world is full of harmful chemicals and toxins, but it is also full of helpful compounds, as well as lots of scientific research. By combining research-backed detox diets with supplemental elements that assist in detoxification, you’ll be able to restore your body’s equilibrium and live a healthier life.



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