Weekly Health Quiz: Artificial Sweeteners, Pesticides and EMFs


1 The most effective way for most people to minimize your pesticide exposure and lower your body’s pesticide load is to:

Use intravenous chelation on a regular basis
Take detoxification aids daily
Weekly sauna bathing
Switch to an organic diet

Recent research confirms you can significantly reduce your toxic pesticide load by going organic. On average, pesticide and pesticide metabolite level for 14 compounds representing about 40 different pesticides were reduced by more than 60 percent, on average, after six days of eating an all-organic diet. Learn more.

2 Which of the following statements is false?

Artificial sweeteners help you lose weight and provide effective diabetes control

Studies have shown artificial sweeteners raise your risk of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and related health conditions. Artificial sweeteners promote metabolic dysfunction by interfering with learned responses that contribute to glucose control and energy homeostasis. They also destroy gut microbiota and induce glucose intolerance. Learn more.

Artificial sweeteners promote metabolic dysfunction by interfering with learned responses that contribute to glucose control and energy homeostasis
Artificial sweeteners destroy gut microbiota
Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance and trigger insulin secretion

3 The steepest increases in obesity-related cancers, known to affect the elderly, are now observed in:

Baby Boomers (those born in the early-to-mid 1940s to about 1964)
Millennials (1980s to early 2000)

Rates of obesity-related cancers are rising at a far steeper rate among millennials than among baby boomers. Learn more.

Generation X (mid-60s to early 1980s)
Post-millennials (mid-90s to mid-2000)

4 Recent research shows proper sleep improves your ability to fight infections by:

Inhibiting melatonin production and lowering melatonin levels
Lowering levels of natural killer cells
Boosting activation of a sticky protein that allows T cells (immune cells) to attach to the viral target

Research shows sleep enhances the efficiency of T cell responses, allowing your immune system to kill foreign invaders such as viruses with greater ease. Learn more.

Weakening immunological memories of previously encountered pathogens

5 Tallying the number of pushups you can complete is an accurate way to gauge the health of your:


The featured study is encouraging because it suggests the number of pushups you can complete may be a comparable and accurate way to gauge your heart’s health. Learn more.

6 Electromagnetic fields have been shown to affect how large a ratio of the human population?

Everyone who is exposed

Researchers agree that nearly all people exposed to EMFs are biologically affected by them, but only one-third develop symptoms. The difference between these individuals and the two-thirds that do not develop symptoms is that asymptomatic individuals still have the capacity to repair the cellular damage that is being incurred. Learn more.

Less than 10 percent
About one-third
About half

7 Integrative cancer clinics like Hope4Cancer with a comprehensive approach typically see over 90 percent of patients with Stage 4 cancer. What type of 2-year survival rates do they have?

13 percent
70 percent

Light has many uses in cancer treatment. Red light increases activation of macrophages and boosts tissue oxygenation and microcirculation. Green light decreases blood viscosity and increases mitochondrial function, while blue light increases nitric oxide production, enhance telomerase activity, and enhance the activity and benefit of certain nutrients. Learn more.

24 percent
95 percent

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