The Top 10 Truths About Ovarian Cancer


Is ovarian cancer bigger than cervical cancer? To which is it most often confused with? Are the older age group more likely to have it than the younger age bracket? Here are the top 10 truths you should know about ovarian cancer:

3The Pill Might Help

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Have you taken your pills regularly over the course of 5 years or more? There may be good news for you. As it turns out, women who do are less likely to develop ovarian cancer.

The risk is reduced by up to 30 percent if an individual has been taking the pill religiously. That same risk is cut by half if one has been taking the pill for 15 years. The benefits of it can last for as long as 30 years. The science and reasoning behind this truth is that the pill stops the ovulation process. Plus, the more children a woman has, the lesser her risk of ovarian cancer, due to the fact that her breastfeeding period is longer than those who have less or none at all.