I LOVE My Brand NEW Body!


Hey TT and V!

The photo on the right…

….is me 1 year ago…(before Manifesting Mastery). I hardly have any butt (what a bummer).

The second photo (below)

…is me from last week (I didn’t even notice I have had the physical changes at all until I saw the photos) – grew a (bit of) booty WITHOUT lifting crazy weights and doing a million squats.

And definitely NO waist trainers or any butt lifting/weight loss programs/detox and etc. (TT: Notice the POWER of IMAGINATION?)

TT and V note: Notice how EASY and FUN this was from FION, since she SIMPLY did what we teach in Manifesting Mastery, and MOVED into the state of her wish fulfilled.

All I did was the workouts that I enjoy whenever I feel like it AND I still eat all the crap I want whenever I want. [NOT GIVING ANYTHING EXTERNAL THE POWER]

I don’t track …

…every single thing I eat like I used to, nor cut desserts out of my life because that is in war mode all the time. And there’s always a reason to eat desserts hahaha

I simply enjoy…

…the fitness journey as a way of having fun and clearing my mind whenever I feel stressed out or need a break from work.

I’m playing in the STATE of being a happy and healthy person, at total ease [PLAY PLAY PLAY]

This is not a show off post by any means because I am still always improving (but also being very grateful for where I am at this stage of my life)

It is possible for those who are looking to lose weight / hit any fitness goals without putting yourself in “war” mode at all times.

Remember, you are the operant power 😉

Fion Lee – Manifesting Mastery

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