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Video Transcript: How Can Juicing Complement A Ketogenic Lifestyle?

Ty Bollinger: We’ve been talking about the ketogenic diet lately and some of you might have questions on just how juicing fits in with keto.

Charlene Bollinger: Keep watching to see how juicing complements a ketogenic lifestyle… and a few things to avoid.

Cherie Calbom: Welcome to juice, juice, and more juice, right? To heal and prevent cancer, that’s what we’re going to do. And how does juicing, vegetable juicing, fit and complement the ketogenic diet? I get that question so much. So, I’m very, very excited to present to you this seminar, this session on juicing. Juicing and the ketogenic diet.

I don’t even need to go into the ketogenic diet right now. You will hear from so many people throughout this weekend about ketogenic, but I have my own personal version that I use with my clientele and what not to eat, and what to eat. And as I said, I won’t go into that, we don’t need to go into all the detail because you’ll hear so much throughout this weekend.

What to eat, I’ll breeze through that—and Dr. Seyfried is in the house. I don’t have to go through all of that, many of you will hear him speak about all the research. But here’s what I want to talk about. Sugar. That’s what ketogenic is all about, right? We want to get that sugar out of our diet, and we want to get all the vegetables in that have all that healing power and the carbs that turn to sugar, they’re all around us, right?

Now a friend of mine once said, “People, if it wasn’t for people, life would be wonderful. They are all around us, they’re everywhere.”

It’s that way with carbs, they’re everywhere, they surround us, they come after us. Like the villain, we’ve got to run from them. All the refined things, the breads, the buns, the pizza dough, right? The chips, the crackers, on and on it goes, everywhere you go.

So, I like to add a little humor. No, I can’t tell you the meaning of life, I only came up here to avoid carbs. We may have to go to the top of a mountain to avoid those nasty little carbs. So, no grains, no breads, no potatoes, no crackers, no chips, but I have so much more for you that’s so much better.

So why do some people say no to juicing, and they do, that recommend the ketogenic diet? I have gotten so many calls, emails, questions, like people are saying, “You’re recommending juicing, but the ketogenic diet people are saying no juice, so how does this all fit together?” How many were wondering that? How does it all fit together?

Here’s what you can’t have: no fruit juice. Okay, does that make sense? You can have all the other vegetables, the non-starchy vegetables. They are your powerhouse, they are your fighting team and you need those vegetables with your ketogenic diet. It can’t just be animal protein and fat, you’ve got to have your vegetables, and how are you going to get a whole bunch of those in your diet? What do you think? Juice, juice and more juice. Right? Okay?

That will be our slogan for today: vegetable juice. And of that group, green juice is your best friend. Green juice. And you can make it taste good with lemon, lime, ginger, fresh turmeric. You don’t have to have those apples in there, you don’t have to have that fruit in there, just juice up a whole bunch of vegetables, add some lemon or lime, those are very low in sugar and some ginger, adds a lot of spice a lot of flavor and really helps you fight cancer.

cherie calbom discussing the ketogenic diet and juicing

I want to tell you the story of Michelle. Michelle was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 2013. She said, “I don’t want chemo. I want to get to the root of why did I get this cancer, right?” “How can I heal at the core, at the cellular level?” And so, she went to various MDs, she applied various treatments. She held her own for three years. She didn’t get worse, she didn’t get much better.

Then she did, listen up, a three-week vegetable juice fast. Guess what happened? Or you can read it. Her white blood cells shot way down. Wow. She was on the right track.

But then people started saying to her “You’re getting awfully skinny and we’re really worried about you.” And “I think you better go back to eating food.”

So, she ditched the juicing, went back to eating a regular diet and what happened? Her white blood cell count went way back up, it was like “Uh-oh, okay we’re not on the right track,” so back to being inspired about juicing. She came to our spring raw foods and juice retreat, that my husband and I hold lots of these. She went through the program, did the three-day juice fast with us, started off with raw foods, ended with raw foods and guess what? She started feeling better right at the retreat.

That’s what’s so exciting. We see, my husband and I, he does the emotional detox, mental detox, de-stress, and I do all the juicing and the foods, and teaching about it, she’s had results right on the spot, so she took a whole bunch of pictures of us, taped them all over a wall, printed out, “Choose life” taped it all over her wall, choose life, live food, right? Juicing, live food, choose life. You’re getting it.

This is Michelle at age 51, don’t you think she looks 31? Woo-hoo. Hi Michelle. She’s watching, my little angel. So, she’s showing you what you need to do, two quarts a day. Are you ready? Are you ready to get going?

Here’s where Michelle is today. I just talked to her before I came. I’m so excited to share with you, her shortness of breath is gone, she has much more energy, her lymph nodes have shrunk, her skin problems have gone away, she feels magnificent, her white blood cells are way down, her neutrophils, those are your important little warriors, right, went from one to a nine, she’s been doing this since April, and her heart says she’s healed. Wow, huh? Woo-hoo.

What are the best juices for a juice fast? You don’t want fruit, except for lemon and lime. They’re all good non-starchy ones and no fruit, except for lemon and lime, but I love the dark leafy greens. They are so powerful and you need to include them, whether you are a cancer warrior, a cancer thriver, a health professional who is the hero for the people you coach, you need to include the green juices.

Dark leafy greens such as kale, chard, spinach, watercress, I’m going to say a whole bunch about watercress, parsley, carrot, now carrot is one of your higher sugar vegetables, so it’s always got to be diluted, but I don’t leave it out. Too much research on the power of carrot, carrot juice, but diluted, always dilute it because it is high in sugar.

Beets, beets are your highest sugar vegetable. I don’t recommend that you combine them with carrot, but beets are great for detoxing the liver and supporting the liver, and you really need that liver support. Ginger: powerful; Lemon, green apple, if you don’t have cancer green apple is lower in sugar, but if you have a sugar metabolism problem, you have yeast, you have cancer, no green apple because you don’t want that sugar.

Ty Bollinger: Thank you, Cherie. Always a wealth of knowledge about juicing.

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