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Find a functional medicine doctors. I had similar symptoms with the coughing, peeing, and vomiting. Search and you will find after much reading that coughing, vomiting can be caused by acid reflux. It’s not told in most medical search results. But acid reflux need not be bothering you to have acid -reflux, except for maybe indigestion or bloating that one keeps dismissing for overeating. Mine got to the point that when I woke up my throat hurt, and had bad breath, and I was completely emptying my bladder spontaneously and I wound up not being able to speak at all, and vomiting/coughing 8 straight hours a day over a toilet in a pool of urine. I stopped eating because I could not keep anything down, and I could not hold water either, I was skin and bones and lost muscle mass. I was sucking on ice all day. The ER discharged me one night with “bronchitis” because I had no insurance. Their faces were white with worry, looking at each other like… “oh oh this is bad what should we do that we cant do?” they left with faces full of guilt, to then send a nurse to discharge me. I went home and thought well… I healed myself 30 years ago from mercury amalgams, so let me do the same. I used to be on a vegetable diet, let me start with any that I like that I can hold. I sautéed my favorite: spinach withbutter – and found I kept that down! So that’s all I could eat, then one day I was able to keep down water. So I added more lightly sautéed green vegetables like chard, and then carrots, broccoli, then steamed vegetables of all kinds with organic butter, the added raw salads with a little true pure olive oil, changed my salt to celtic salt (important).. about a month later I added small serving of organic chicken, wild fish, wild caught sardines, last organic beef but rare. I found myself wanting more veges than any meat. I gained weight, my cough stopped in a few days and so did my bladder incontinence. My muscle mass came back. I added potatoes occasionally, because potatoes and pasta and bread and some rice were the culprits in indigestion. especially pasta bread. So look up gluten intolerance. Rice I changed to Jasmine which does better. Most doctors don’t know anything about this. They just learn to prescribe medicine. Also read about non-gmo probiotics and how junk food with toxins kill them and degenerate the lining. And live foods unprocessed have live enzymes necessary to break down foods – that then bacteria further break down to create needed chemicals/nutrients for our body. I know I have to do more like detox more mercury because I never removed my amalgams, and do internal herbal cleansings to kill viruses and bacteria and clean out old debris, as well as find out deficiencies as mercury also displaces minerals and vitamins, etc. SO some testing the natural methods are needed. So read up on these things and the gut brain connection.

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