15 Reasons Why I Will Never Ever Lose Weight


Losing the extra pounds is a struggle many of us have to deal with on a day-to-day basis and truly it’s a daunting task to even lose a single pound. And no matter which diet we follow, the weighing scale doesn’t seem to tip in our favour. Though most of you out there should not crumble under societal pressure to lose weight, getting a few kilos off the scale will make you feel more energized and healthy. If you are flustered on why you are not losing weight despite doing everything possible and following every trick in the “Lose Weight” book, we detail out 12 reasons why you are not losing weight, also answering your question, “reasons why I will never ever lose weight.?”

Reasons Why I Will Never Ever Lose Weight

1. Losing track of what goes in: Losing track of what we eat through the day is one of the primary reasons why there is no progress in the weight loss journey. The benefits of a good balanced diet is indisputable. Keep a track of your carb, protein, and fat intake. Keep a food journal and cut down carb-heavy foods in your diet.

2. Binge eating: If one wonders what can be worse than not keeping a tab on what we consume, then the answer to that question would be indulging in binge eating. That’s right, binge eating is one of the major reasons behind obesity and it wreaks havoc on our metabolism, making it sluggish, and leading to weight gain. Avoid binge eating to prevent piling of kilos.

3. Indulging in high-calorie food: This is by far considered to be the leading cause of obesity all over the world. Failing to resist the temptation to gorge on high-calorie food is responsible for increase in weight and other metabolic disorders including high cholesterol, high blood glucose and high blood pressure.

4. Gulping instead of chewing food while eating: Not chewing one’s mouthful of morsel completely is completely unhealthy. Unchewed food leads to piling up of weight. This practice is not appreciated at all if you are serious about losing weight.

5. Lack on whole grains in the diet: Whole grains are quite helpful in keeping the body weight in check. They have been proven to be helpful to maintain overall health and also to keep appetite in check.

6. Inadequate sleep: Nowadays, most of the younger generation deprive themselves of a good night’s sleep, messing with their biological clocks that in turn completely alters the metabolism, making it sluggish and hard to lose weight even with proper diet and exercise. Say goodnight to everyone by 10 o’clock and get a good night’s sleep if you seriously want to lose some weight.

7. Stress: Stress is one of the major reasons why people are obese despite doing everything correctly to become lean. Be it the stress of career or family, it adversely effects our metabolism by triggering high insulin levels which in turn leads to storage of fat in cells. Increased cortisol levels also prevent the body from shedding weight.

8. Drinking Insufficient Water: No surprises here, lack of hydration can make your metabolism slow, and that’s why weight loss experts always suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water. If you are serious about weight loss, drink more than that, in fact, gulp down at least 4 liters of water each day.

9. Eating food at frequent intervals: Dividing your meals into 6 small portions through the day has been advocated by experts and doctors for a long time now. It is always better to have small meals at regular intervals instead of starving for hours and then binge eating. Such consumption of food in large quantities slows down digestion, and leads to weight gain.

10. Say no to alcohol and smoking: There is no fooling around, alcohol adds up calories in your body and smoking decreases metabolism, both hindering your weight loss journey.

11. Eating too close to bedtime: Hitting the bed right after dinner is a very bad idea. Eating too close to bedtime is one of the major reasons for digestive disorders as it interferes with your metabolism and lead to weight gain. You need to stay awake for at least 2 hours post eating a meal for it to be properly digested and the nutrients to absorbed into the body.

12. Hormonal imbalance: Other than all the factors mentioned above, medical conditions such as hormonal imbalance can not only lead to obesity, they can also stop you from losing weight even with rigorous workout and healthy diet. Consult a good doctor to rule out and correct underlying medical disorders that may prevent you from losing weight.

13. Sedentary lifestyle: A sedentary lifestyle is a cause of major concern which a lot of medical experts are worried about. One must do at least one hour of physical activity to stay healthy. Regular exercise, even brisk walking will keep away extra pounds from piling up in your body.

14. Improper exercises: One must be careful to adhere to an exercise routine that is scientific and practical. Improper exercise might be one of the reasons why some of us might not be able to lose weight despite the fact that we exercise and engage in rigorous physical activities. Pilates, yoga or even weight training, is good for increasing our metabolism. Do not wear yourself out, if you are not seeing any major drop in weight even with exercise, it’s time to consult a trainer who can guide you correctly.

15. Too much hidden carbs and sugary items in your diet: Do you have a sweet tooth and can’t think of living without ice creams and chocolates. The bad news is that you will never lose weight if you can’t keep sugar out of your way. This includes sugary beverages as well! You may enjoy your frequent dose of Pepsi or Coca Cola but that only adds to your weight as it is a heavily fattening food. Even diet coke is not okay. Once you get rid of all kind of unwanted sugar intake, your weight loss journey will become really breezy. You shouldn’t even consume processed fruit juices as they contain unwanted sugar, instead have natural fruits as they are healthier for the body.

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